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Legal Seperation

Legal Separation

Divorce is never easy, but if you understand the requirements and the options available to you, then you can choose the best option that works for you – and having an experienced attorney definitely helps!

A “Legal Separation” is one of the options that are available for couples who are not ready to terminate their marriage but want to be considered separate for legal and tax liability purposes. Simply put, a legal separation is a court order that mandates the rights and duties of a couple while they are still legally married, but living apart.

Legal Separation vs. Divorce

So why would one choose to be legally separated and not divorced? This is a good question. Some legitimate reasons might include:

  • You and your spouse may oppose divorce for religious reasons

  • One spouse may be eligible for his or her spouse’s government benefits (i.e. Social Security) or health care and insurance benefits.

  • Potential Tax Benefits

  • You and your spouse think that there still may be a chance to reconcile after spending some time away from each other.


The divorce process can be long and difficult—especially without the right legal representation. As emotions run high, even simple decisions can seem impossible and divorcing couples often find it difficult to reach amicable agreements regarding the distribution of their assets and the custody and care of their children. During this tumultuous time, an experienced San Diego divorce attorney is essential to protecting your rights, your assets, and your family.

Scottie Leming – Here to Help You

Because restraining orders can be complicated, Scottie Leming can work with you to get you the help you need to keep the divorce process moving forward in the right direction. Call (951) 348-0239 or email to learn more about all of your restraining order options.

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