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Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders

Relationship issues that are not resolved often result in very emotional, trying times, particularly in a divorce – especially when one is considering child custody, and all of the financial ramifications of such a decision.

Vindictive Spouse

Vindictive spouses have been known to react to divorce is some of the most unseemly ways:

  • Empty out bank & savings accounts

  • Take the children and move out of state

  • Liquidate 401k retirement & Roth accounts

  • Take out a loan using joint assets as collateral (like a home)

  • Cancel health and/or auto insurance policies

  • Change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy


A restraining order can help protect the “status quo” of the marriage relationship until the divorce is final.

Physical Abuse

Sometimes the relationship between spouses deteriorates so much that it results in very bad behavior, even physical abuse. Even though the majority of the bad behavior is focused on the other spouse, it can certainly have a negative impact on the children. Sometimes it is necessary to get a Restraining Order to protect the children and minimize the effects of the bad behavior.

Scottie Leming – Here to Help You

Because restraining orders in a divorce case can be complicated, Scottie Leming can work with you to get you the help you need to keep the divorce process moving forward in the right direction. Call (951) 348-0239 or email to learn more about all of your restraining order options.

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